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Bonnyfate Databases specializes in the creation and maintenance of MS Access databases. In addition, we offer a range of services including consultation and teaching.

A MS Access database is ideal for researchers, companies, or individuals looking for better ways to organize and manage information.

Our Services

Our Services

MS Access

  • Design and development of databases

  • Upgrading databases

  • Maintenance of databases

  • User training

Microsoft 365

  • Upgrading

  • Design and development of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations

  • User training

IT Systems Trouble Shooting

Sometimes, things don't work the way they are expected. I can help.


I provide consultation for a variety of computer software including applications for music, images, file management, audio editing, and internet browsing.

Video Conferencing

I can host a Zoom session, or provide information about various Webinar and Live-stream platforms.


I have good video equipment and editing software and am available to create custom videos for business or personal use.

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