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Why not manage it with MS Access, an affordable, friendly database program? If you have lists of members, passwords, research data, process statistics, customers, suppliers, mailing lists, awards, or any other lists, contact us.

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Access comes packaged with Microsoft Office Professional or Office 365 and so it may already be part of your standard operating environment.

ease of use

As with all Microsoft product, Access has that familiar Windows ‘look and feel’.


Microsoft Access is one of the best-selling desktop databases of all time. As such you can be sure of future support, and with Microsoft’s backing it should be around for some time to come.


Access has been designed to works well with other products in the Microsoft Office suite. It has been designed with integration in mind.


Since the beginning, Access was designed to operate on a network. Microsoft say that the latest version will support 255 concurrent users, however in practice we would recommend a more comfortable limit of 15 to 20 simultaneous users.


The popularity of Access with database developers provides you with greater choice of developers and lower development rates consistent with a competitive market place.


Access (2000 and later version) has close web links so online data access is made easier. With a shift towards e-commerce, Access’s web integration could prove very useful, if not now, then sometime in the near future.


Access has an upgrade path. So, if performance starts to suffer from an ever increasing number of users or records, you can upsize to SQL Server.


Because Microsoft is constantly improving their database you can be sure that your investment is future-proof. Microsoft Access is not a dead end product.


Access can import many data formats so your existing data is not lost. When properly exploited, and electronic data is available, this feature alone can save hundreds of data input hours.


You can use Microsoft Access for Rapid Application Development thus keeping your costs down. Its object-oriented model means you can build attractive, functional and easy to use applications quickly.

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